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Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)

Arunachal Pradesh is endowed with numerous rivers, streams, lakes, springs etc. which originate from snow clad mountains but due to invasion of human activities in its catchement areas, several water sources have either dried off / depleted or been polluted thereby making the responsibility of Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) more onerous in supplying safe Drinking Water to the entire population in the state.

Mission Statement

In its endeavors to achieve the objectives, PHE & W/S department will be guided by the following:

  • Doing business with ethics & integrity;
  • Continuous endeavor to improve quality of service;
  • Supply the drinking water to the standard determined by the CPHEEO;
  • With the available resources, supply the water to the maximum quantity possible;
  • Infusion of concepts and practices of sanitation in the rural mass; and
  • Feed back / suggestion from consumers.