Video Conference on Pre Bid Meeting for EOI for Emplanelment of NABL accredated agencies for assistance and consultancy fo the process of NABL accredation of various water testing laboraries under PHE&WSD, Aruanchal Pradesh

The main objective of the PHE & W/S Department is to improve health of people by providing potable and adequate drinking water supply and improving environmental hygiene by proper sanitation. To achieve this objective, the department undertakes planning, execution, operation and maintenance of works related to water supply and sanitation in both rural and urban areas.

Mission Statement. In its endeavors to achieve the objectives, PHE & W/S department will be guided by the following:
  • Doing business with ethics & integrity
  • Continuous endeavor to improve quality of service;
  • Supply the drinking water to the standard determined by the CPHEEO;
  • With the available resources, supply the water to the maximum quantity possible;
  • Infusion of concepts and practices of sanitation in the rural mass; and
  • Feed back / suggestion from consumers.

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