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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PHED?

PHED stands for Public Health Engineering Department.

2. What is the objective of PHED?

The main objective of the PHE & W/S Department is to improve health of people by providing potable and adequate drinking water supply and improving environmental hygiene by proper sanitation. To achieve this objective, the department undertakes planning, execution, operation and maintenance of works related to water supply and sanitation in both rural and urban areas.

3. What are the responsibilities of CCDU?

  1. Planning and design of capacity building, Training modules/program.
  2. Facilitation and conduct of Training for Grass Root Level workers, Training of Trainees, community …etc on water supply and sanitation.
  3. Baseline survey.
  4. Impact study
  5. Documentation and compilation of survey reports and impact study.
  6. Water quality Surveillance.
  7. Facilitator to District Coordinating agency.

4. What are the responsibilities of Works Division?

  1. Directly concerned with engagement and utilisation of manpower, procurement and utilisation of material and machinery for implementation/execution of project /schemes.
  2. Proper upkeep of the works accounts and implementation. Execution of contract terms and conditions.
  3. Technical scrutiny and compilation of estimates tender documents, work orders and rate analysis.
  4. Design and Drawing.
  5. Complaint and Representation.
  6. Quality control and supervision of works.
  7. Management of workforce
  8. Consultancy Services.
  9. Correct Compilation of works accounts.
  10. Up keep and maintenance of assets created.
  11. Answerable / Accountable to works circle and higher officer.
  12. Online entry of MPR every month and other data entry in IMIS.